Thursday, July 11, 2013

360fit - Why Do You Exercise?

I get asked why I work out so hard all the time. I think people just can't understand what I'm doing it all for. Now maybe some of my compulsive exercising habits come from being an ex-athlete and needing some sort of outlet, but I think the real reason is that it makes me feel better.

Every single time I workout, even when I'm not in the mood, I always feel better after I did. Even on days when it's hard to fit in, I'm busy and I have to jam it into half an hour I still am happy I did it. The reason is that I feel so much better about myself and life when I'm done I can't believe it.

The reason for this is simple. Your body was made to move. It wasn't made to sit behind a desk and work on a computer. That's just what we do now. Your body was made to move, to help you find food, find a mate and stay alive.

When we don't move you feel bad because all of the things your body needs to do are helped along by movement. You blood flows better, you heart beats more slowly, your lymph moves. Everything in your body is made to move and be moved.

I think that's why we have so much depression in our society. Everyone is sitting. We only walk from the car to the house. No one breaks a sweat. Nothing is flowing as it should and we all feel terrible because of it.

But as soon as you start moving and exercising, no matter what kind it is, you feel like a new person. Your mind is clearer, you thinking better, breath more deeply, feel good about yourself and your life. That's why doctors tell everyone who is depressed to exercise.

So don't skip a workout or sit home watch TV when you could do something else. You'll feel like a new person after you've done it.

-Devin Sherrington

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  1. Yep. It doesn't really have to be any more complicated than that.