Tuesday, August 20, 2013

360fit - Get Your Kids Out

We've been having beautiful weather over my vacation to PEI with the kids and we were out everyday. Funny thing is how skinny my kids look compared to others.

When I was a kid I spent all my time outside. I didn't have a Wii or computer. We just went out and played all day long. But now it seems kids  spend all their time inside playing video games.

Now I'm not a video game hater but I do think there can be problems from being inside too much. When there is a beautiful day and kids are indoors playing games, there's a problem. Those kids aren't moving. They aren't being healthy. They are sitting down using only their eyes and thumbs.

These same kids are going to grow up and have problems exercising or being healthy at all. They are going to be so used to sitting down in front of a TV or computer that they will  not want to stop. They'll get jobs where they can sit all day. They'll gain weight, have health problems, get old fast.

But we all can fix that. Take some time to take your kids outside or at least send them out to play on their own. It sounds crazy since now no one wants their kids out of their eyesight, but we all grew up that way and we turned out alright.

Help your kids enjoy playing and having fun outside. It will help set them up to be healthy and happy adults.

Devin Sherrington is a master personal trainer and owner of 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletcher's Lake with his children Reign and Journey. 

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