Thursday, August 1, 2013

360fit - Sugar - Poison for you Body

The average person eats 22.7 teaspoons of sugar a day. That’s a lot. In case you’re wondering that’s 77 lbs. of sugar a year! To give you an idea of what that is, my 11 year old son Reign weights 78 lbs.
Is this so bad? Hell yeah it is!

Your body is set up to eat very small amounts of sugar. Biologically we are not meant to eat much sugar. When we eat too much of it our bodies turn it into fat.

A big part of the reason the world is getting fatter is because of this huge amount of sugar we eat. That’s 22.7 teaspoons of sugar a day is an extra 363 calories a day. In other words that will make you gain an extra one lbs. every 10 days on average or an extra 36 lbs. of extra fat a year, year after year!

Most people think its fat which is making all of us overweight. It’s not always high fat which is causing the weight issues we are faced with. In fact we eat less fat than we did 20 years ago, but way more people are obese now than they were then. Most of the reason for that is the high sugar in our diets.

But that’s not the only problem. If it was just added weight gain that would be bad; but that’s not the only problem we have. Sugar does a lot of other things to your body too. 

Sugar also makes you feel slow and lazy. It gives you a little energy kick for about an hour, then you crash and feel tired and cranky. So a large part of the reason you are sitting on the couch watching TV with no energy is because you ate too much sugar.

This is a serious problem because it becomes a vicious cycle. You have less energy because of the sugar, so you do less, and eat more. This makes you gain more fat, which makes you do even less and eat more, and the cycle goes on and on.

The bottom line here is sugar does nothing good for you at all. If you want to have more energy, to lose weight and feel way better, cut your sugar down as much as you can. In a perfect world you should only get sugar from natural sources like fruit. 

Try cutting down your sugar intake. You will be surprised how much better you feel and look. 

-Devin Sherrington

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