Wednesday, July 10, 2013

360fit - 10 Commandments of Performance

  1. Eat- You are what you eat. Eat for performance and you will look and feel like an athlete.
  2. Heavy- Pick up heavy things. Performance increases with absolute strength.
  3. Fast- Increased intensity, shortened time intervals, increased speeds, builds lean powerful athletes.
  4. Long- Moderate intensity over long time durations creates endurance. You may be strong and fast but are you still after an hour?
  5. Variety- You cannot cover all the essentials in one workout or one week. To be balanced you need to practice everything.
  6. Sleep- Fully rested, performance increases. Too little or too much and performance suffers. Measure performance to adjust. 
  7. Competition- Better than any pre-workout powder. When you see your friend pass you, you will work harder - no caffeine required.
  8. Recovery- Hydrate, stretch, rollout, work on mobility, take rest days. Overtraining decreases performance, do not let that happen.
  9. Measure- What gets measured gets managed. Track your workouts monitor your progress. Even personal records are meant to be broken.
  10. Enjoyment- Pick an activity you love, measure your performance, get better at it. Forgive yourself for not staying on track, continue.

-Ben Costigan

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