Friday, July 5, 2013

360fit - Low Fat Doesn't Equal Healthy

It seems everyone wants to jump on the low fat / no fat bandwagon. Everywhere you go in the grocery store is pumping it all over their products. But not all of them are good for you.

You see when you go out to buy food the companies want you to buy from them. That’s why the colors are so vibrant on all of the packages, to draw your eyes. That's why the store is set up the way it is, to keep you in there and buying for as long as possible. It has nothing to do with being healthy or wanting you to live longer. That's where low fat comes in.

When a company offers a low fat product, it is doing it to make more money. It has nothing to do with health. Often they will take all of the good fat out of a product so they can claim low fat on the label. Or they will take out fat and add sugar or salt to make sure the taste you are looking for is still there. Neither of those are good options for you and your health.

The best defense against these companies to read the product labels. Look to see how much the portion is and if it is realistic. Look to see how much sugar and salt there is in the low fat product. And compare to the full fat one beside it. Often the low fat can be two percent lower than the full fat, but is full of sugar or salt making it lower fat but worse for you.

So get out there and read some labels. You'll be happy you did.

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