Friday, July 19, 2013

360fit - Outdoor Boot Camps Are Here!

It is summer! With all this nice weather it is time to get outside. One of the best ways to switch up your exercises routine and enjoy the summer is getting outdoors for your workout. So this week we are listing off the top 5 reasons to being doing a bootcamp outside.  

1.   Keep your workout routine fresh- A great way to stay motivated during your workouts is to be interested and engaged with your surroundings, and exercising outside can help you do this. You can incorporate different locations for your workout routine, such as local parks, trails, beaches, and streets around your neighbourhood.

2.   No Excuses- One of the great things about incorporating the outdoors in your exercise routine, is that it is practically always available, and easily, accessible. All you have to do is simply walk outside your door.

3.   Size- Your gym just got a massive size upgrade! You now have as much space as you need. Most parks will have enough space for sprints and let’s not forget hills. Running hills is one of the best mixes of legs and cardio. If you really want to get crazy try a bear crawl up and down a hill. Not sure what a bear crawl is checkout the link… you were warned:

4.   Natural Environment and Stress Relief- It is safe to say that the majority of people work inside. Spending time outside and surrounded by nature can help reduce stress levels; being surrounded by nature takes you away from the environments that are most likely to cause stress. Getting out of your workplace and your home gives you a chance to relax from the responsibilities that come with them. What is even better is that exercise reduces stress levels, by exercising outside you are exposing yourself to two opportunities for stress relief at one time! Pretty great if you ask me.

5.   Vitamin D- In addition to stress relief, being in the sunlight exposes you to a natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential and can be naturally synthesised in your skin when you are exposed to the sun. Vitamin D has been linked to many positive health benefits; the one that is most interesting is its connection to weight loss. Researchers at the University of Minnesota found a connection to success on a low calorie diet based on which participants had the highest levels of Vitamin D. It also has many other links to health including boosting the immune system, reductions in stress levels as well as being crucial to the absorptions of other vitamins and minerals.   
There are many benefits of exercise outside. The list above hopefully has provided you with some extra motivation to change up you routine and get outside. If you are looking for a group to workout with outside Kaley and Ben are hosting outdoor bootcamps in Dartmouth and Halifax the contact information is below., Phone:902 407-2525

Ben Costigan’s bootcamp Halifax: 

The link to the facebook group is below
Or you can use the contact information below Email:, 
Phone: 902 407-2525 

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