Tuesday, July 30, 2013

360fit - Just How Toxic Are You?

Cleanses are the new thing in losing weight. Everything from drinking only lemon juice and maple syrup, to eating only veggies or cabbage soup they are everywhere. But do they work? Well not exactly like they are advertised.

Here's the 411. There will always be a new craze or fad in health and fitness. A way to get you fit with little to no work on your part. They are all basically snake oil. Cleanses are part of this.

Sure you can lose weight on a cleanse. Everyone will lose weight if they are only eat cabbage soup or drinking nothing but pre-made shakes. But you'll also put it right back on when the cleanse is over. And you will have spent lots of money in the process.

Plus a cleanse, which is suppose to make you healthy and flush out all those toxins, is stressful on your body. People who do cleanses have high levels of stress hormones present while they do it because they aren't eating enough. Basically their body thinks they are starving. When your body thinks it's starving, it burns muscle, and keeps fat. That means the weight you lose is muscle not fat.

On top of that if you just eat healthy you will have exactly the same levels of toxins in your body as the person who has done a cleanse has at the end of the same time. That means that people who do a cleanse are no farther ahead than those which have just eaten clean.

And if you don't want to believe me, ask Dr. Oz. He did a study on Oprah about four years ago showing exactly that. And his response was that a cleanse is a waste of time and money.

So skip those well marketed health ideas and eat clean. You'll be happy you did it.

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