Monday, July 15, 2013

360fit - My 4 Questions for Fitness Goals

A part of goal setting is to accomplish your goal; but a more important piece of goal setting is to understand your goal. When you finally know why something is important to you, you begin to make better decisions. In the course of the week we make hundreds of decisions that affect our health and fitness. Understand your goal, understand your decisions, and start enjoying your journey to becoming fit.

The other day I woke up and realized that I had a few questions about my goals. I realized that without knowing the answers to these questions that I would never completely enjoy the process of becoming fit. I asked myself:

Why does PERFORMANCE matter to me?
  •  It measures success. It determines how fit I am.
Why do I want to be fit?
  • To me fitness represents health and success.

What am I willing to sacrifice to get fit?
  • Meat (I am trying a vegan diet)

What is my reward for my dedication?
  • Confidence

…Do you know how you are motivated? Do you understand WHY you do what you do?

- Ben Constigan
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